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The Association of Volleyball Referees (AVR) is a voluntary and independent sports organization, associating physical persons interested in officiating volleyball matches in the Slovak Republic. AVR was created and registered in 1998.

AVR is responsible for the nomination of referees for all matches organized by the Slovak Volleyball Federation (SVF), as well as for matches organized by other organs, organizations and associations in the Slovak Republic. Using its instructors, AVR assigns conditions for increasing the qualification of its members on different courses, and seminars as well as releasing and translating comprehensive educational materials and tools.

AVR creates technical and organizational conditions for its members willing to act as referees in national and international competitions. AVR is the only body in the Slovak Republic responsible and allowed to translate and explain international volleyball rules of the game and any official refereeing materials released by FIVB and CEV.

AVR is a reliable partner of SVF in setting the regular flow of volleyball competitions at all levels.

For more information feel free to contact responsible persons:

Miroslav Juráček

Juráček, Miroslav

Bratislava 1 0905 304 319
  • Prezident AVR
  • Oblasť BAO
  • Úsek delegácií
Juraj Mokrý

Mokrý, Juraj

Turčiansky Peter 0905 791 604
  • Úsek medzinárodný
  • Úsek pravidiel, metodiky a vzdelávania

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